Power BI

Course Overview


Power BI is a business solution that lets you analyze and visualize data from different sources within your organization while obtaining useful insights on key variables and indices. This course is a comprehensive overview Power BI and requires no prior knowledge or experience

Target Audience


This course is meant for business professionals looking to gain useful insights on their business



Microsoft Power BI Overview

Working with Power BI Service

Connecting to Power BI Data Sources

Creating Power BI Desktop solutions

Power BI for the Developer

Course Details


This training course will cover 5 Modules, 3-6 Days* at a total of 26 Hours. The training includes in-class instruction, live demos and labs.

Cost and Job Grant


This course cost $4800 but if you do need assistance, you can get up to 2/3 of your training costs covered through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. For more information go here